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From Sam’s Shop ……

Hello July....The heat has arrived in Southern California and it looks like it is not going to let up anytime soon. Break out your Amphicar (Google it if you don't know it) and go teach a worm how to swim to take a breather from the heat. With a little more than 30 days until the Fun Run its time to make sure the first couple of weeks in August are free and clear. Remember the first weekend in August is the Tour de Big Bear with our world famous bike wash station. The second weekend has a little event called the Fun Run which will take our full attention from Thursday through Sunday. If you see a public works person working in the Village thank them from the club because we couldn't do it without their help. On a more personal note drywall got delivered on Friday so I am not busy or dusty at all.

Thanks for all that you do for the club and the valley. Remember don't go up on the tires on the big end.

Board Sizzler 7/2/18 6p
General Notti's 7/9/18 6p



If you know anyone who may be interested in BBLACC, invite them to our next club meeting. If you would like to have an application or two on hand, I always have some handy at our meetings. You can also print copies from our website. Hope to see you at our meeting!

Janet Dupre

The Phantom of the Lake

The Phantom would like all members to welcome Russell Lewis and Joscelyn Pierce Lewis to our car club. Joscelyn boasts a beautiful 1967 Ford Fairlane Ranchero, with a 390-cubic-inch Hi-Pro engine. It's painted in a glossy metallic teal and looks amazing, especially in the sun! Russell has a Harley Davidson motorcycle in the same color, so they can show side by side. Joscelyn's Ranchero has been fully restored-- both inside and out-- and is ready to compete in car shows.

Next car club meeting, please be sure to welcome Russell and Joscelyn to the club!

The Phantom


Hi everyone, our next general meeting will be Monday July 9th. Upstairs Nottinghams, 5:30 social and dinner, meeting at 7:00. RSVP to Lynn Fowler,

Thanks so much, see you there! Thanks so much, see you there!

Lynn Fowler


Our next General Meeting will be Monday, July 9th. Upstairs Nottinghams's, 5:30 social and dinner, meeting at 7:00. Board meeting Monday, July 2nd. RSVP to Lynn Fowler,


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