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Happy Spring Everyone.
Although winter finally decided to arrive mid March it's not hanging around at all, just put a bit of water back in our fishing hole. We're gearing up for our first show, the Show ‘n Shine & Pinewood Derby. We hope everyone will be able to come out and join in the fun. We will be putting the bags together Tuesday 4/10 at Village Pizza (thanks Ken & Sherron) for all the kids. Our first general meeting for 2018 will be 4/9 the second Monday of the month as usual, and will be at Nottingham's. The meeting will start by 7pm arrive earlier for food, drinks, and friendly banter. There is a board meeting at Denny's on 4/2, at 6pm. Ladies and gentlemen start your engines.



Our first regular membership meeting is here. With Pinewood Derby / Show ‘n Shine we’ll have plenty to discuss. This will be a great time to bring along a car enthusiast friend so they can see what we’re all about. Hope to see you there!

Janet Dupre

The Phantom of the Lake

The BBLACC kickoff event of the year is coming soon! The "Show and Shine" Pinewood Derby and Car Show takes place on May 27 at Snow Play next to Motel 6. The Phantom hopes to see you all at our first club meeting of the year at Nottingham's on April 9 at 7pm. Information will be given out about the Pinewood Derby car giveaway and race dates. Each 5th grader in the Big Bear Valley schools will be given a pine car. Each school has about 65 5th graders, who will be assembling their pine cars and decorating them. BBLACC member volunteers will take our 48' track to each school and race to the top 12 finishers of each school. The "shoot-out" will take place at our "Show and Shine," where the cars will be raced and eliminated to one winner for the "Perpetual Trophy." Baldwin Lane Elementary currently boasts that trophy, and you can bet that the other 2 elementary schools are nipping at their heels!
The Club will need as many volunteers as possible for the school races, as well as at the car show. This will be an amazing experience for our members, and quite a thrill for our schools, so don't miss it!

The Phantom


Hi everyone!! WE ARE BACK!! Our first meeting of the year will be Monday April 9, upstairs, Nottingham's. Show up at 5:30 for social hour and then we can order dinner. I am going to try to give Nottingham's some kind of a head count so they know how many employees to have for better service. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RSVP to me if you think you will be at the meeting. RSVP to Just click the link and send me a quick yes or no. I would like to give them a weeks notice. Look forward to seeing you all again! Your social chair,

Lynn Fowler


Our next BOARD MEETING is April 2nd at Denny’s and our next REGULAR GENERAL MEETING will be on Monday April 9th Nottingham’s.

Fun Run:

Applications were mailed out on February 15th and the form was also posted to our club website. Responses have been coming in with over 250 applications received already. That’s a great start!


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