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From Sam’s Shop ……

Hello and salutations to all new, old and prospective BBLACC members. May is upon us and the Big Bear Valley car culture is in full bloom; much like my apricot and apple trees. I am happy to inform the club that my '63 Buick Skylark has been unearthed from her saw dust and insulation covered tomb behind a mound of storage boxes; and is happily conveying my butt around the valley again. I can't wait to Show and Shine her later this month. Aside from an oil pump that needed a healthy dose of petroleum jelly to regain prime, after two years of neglect (truth hurts) the battery held a charge and it fired right up. Sam's shop has a little space, now if I could just finish the house.

As far as club business goes we are days away from the Pinewood races. A full itinerary was handed out at the general meeting. The races on May 4th at Northshore Elementary have been moved to May 21st. If anyone has questions please feel free to e-mail me at or call at 858-361-2564 The Board meeting location has changed, we have all exhausted the menu options at Denny's. The exciting new location will be No Name Pizza in Big Bear City, date and time remain the same, 1st Monday of the month@ 6pm, arrive earlier for food and beverages. 5/7/18

The General meeting will continue to be held at Nottingham's of on the second Monday of the month@ 7pm. 5/14/18

Thanks for all you are going to do for the club and the valley this upcoming year and remember, focus on the windshield not the rear view mirror.

PS...I have 8 cast aluminum Big Bear Lake Antique Car Club plaques available for 22.50 ea. If you would like one or more please bring cash or check made out to the club. The plaques are the vintage 50's-60's style, unpainted ready to be matched to your ride or done in the classic black, and you can view an example of the style at



Our season is underway and our meetings are a great place to bring along a car enthusiast friend so they can see what we’re all about. Also, the membership list has also been updated and distributed at the April general meeting. If you did not receive a copy contact me.

Janet Dupre

The Phantom of the Lake

The Phantom was very happy to see such a great turnout at the first BBLACC meeting of the year. Pinewood Derby information was distributed, and we all agreed that we need as many club members as possible to help on race days at the 3 elementary schools.

The club meeting was overflowing with prospective members! Guests included Russell and Joscelyn Lewis, Bill and Ninfa Bergen, Gene and Betty DeBoer and Mike Chatham. The Lewis's and the Bergen's have already submitted their membership applications, and the Phantom is hoping the other visitors will do the same! Meanwhile, we are all looking forward to the school races. Game on!

The Phantom


Hi everyone!! Our next meeting will be Monday May 14th, upstairs Nottingham’s, 5:30 social and dinner, 7:00 meeting. We had such a great turnout for our first meeting. Let’s do it again! The RSVPing worked really well as did ordering at the bar. Please RSVP again to me at Look forward to seeing you all again!!

Lynn Fowler


Our next BOARD MEETING is Monday 1st at No Name Pizza in Big Bear City and our next REGULAR GENERAL MEETING will be on Monday May 14th Nottingham’s.

Fun Run:

Applications were mailed out on February 15th and the form was also posted to our club website. Responses have been coming in with over 250 applications received already. That’s a great start!


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Janet Dupre


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