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From Sam’s Shop ……

Hello Club Members from Sam's Shop, August is upon us and the biggest event for our club is almost here. Before we all tackle the Fun Run we have the Tour De Big Bear on August 5th. We will have our aid station for riders and the bike wash set up at the zoo. Classic cars are welcome and can be parked west of the aid station to give some eye candy to the bike riders. This year the aid station will again be supported by the RODRIDERS Car Club as well our club. The Fun Run is the following weekend, and volunteer positions have been assigned, but if you haven't signed up for a job please come by registration any day you are available and the Fun Run staff can find a place for you to help. Two weekends after the Fun Fun Run we have another couple of events. The Big Bear Air Fair is on the 26th and the BBLACC Fun Run Appreciation BBQ will be held on Sunday the 27th at the Eagle Point Park, I hope to see everyone there. My wife says its a busy month so I'm not gonna get anything done on my construction projects, let's all have fun!

Have a blessed day.

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Racing is the process of turning money into noise.

There is a BOARD MEETING on Monday August 7th, and NO GENERAL MEETING in August. The next General Meeting will be Monday, September 11th .

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