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From Sam’s Shop ……

Due to an excessive amount of snow Sam's Shop is closed for March. It shall return in April, just in time for the first general meeting. There will be a board meeting at Denny's on March 5th at 6pm weather permitting.



Just a reminder to pay your club dues if you have not already done so. Send your $35 check to:

BBLACC, P.O. Box 6311, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315.

Also, if you have not sent in your information for the new club roster, please do it ASAP. If you have any questions, contact me. Hope to see all of you at our first 2018 meeting at Nottinghams on Monday, April 9.

Janet Dupre

The Phantom of the Lake

The Phantom was thinking about "My First Car," something all car club members think about, I'm sure. Cliff Fowler had a GTO that he would like to have back. Others feel the same way about their high school car. Ron Tholen had a beautiful 1957 Chevy. He built the engine Full House, 2-4s, 4-speed, fuel-injection cam. He then parked it in front of his friend's house on New Years Eve, and a drunk drove into it and totaled it. I guess fate and luck had something to do with this. There are club members that buy and sell cars for the fun of it and never become emotionally involved with the vehicles-- it's just a car. Terry and Creta Ford have owned their Model A for 8 months-- nice start! Bill Downs has owned his 1923 Model T for 60 years. He even drove it to high school. But the champion of all is Owen Miller, who has owned his 1947 Ford Coupe going on 62 years! So next time you see Owen's car, take a different look: 62 years and one owner, one driver. Pretty intense!

The Phantom


Hi, Thank you to everyone who came to our Valentines Day Party. We had a wonderful time at Pat and Owen Millers home. The food was great and the conversations were even better!! Thank you for hosting this! The information for our first meeting of the year will be in April's newsletter. See you all soon!

Lynn Fowler


Our next BOARD MEETING is March 5th at Denny’s and our next REGULAR GENERAL MEETING will be on Monday April 9th Nottingham’s.

Fun Run:

Applications were mailed out on February 15th and the form was also posted to our club website. Responses have been coming in with over 250 applications received already. That’s a great start!


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